We organise instructorsí courses throughout the year.  Our courses are 6 hours long, covering all aspects of thai-bo training and teaching, including the physical, technical and safety aspects of safe martial arts practice.

Extensive time is allocated to the demonstration and application of correct punching, kicking and the use of knee techniques.   All techniques are examined and explained at length.

The exercise and fitness industry is now well aware of the benefits of martial arts training and also the increasing popularity of martial arts based classes and obviously demand must be met by the introduction of this type of workout in health clubs and sports centres if members are to be kept.

If you have martial arts experience and/or fitness qualifications and are interested in teaching a martial arts based fitness system this is an excellent opportunity to fulfill your ambition and be part of this exciting fitness phenomenon.

As a registered thai-bo instructor you will receive a licence to teach thai-bo, an instructor's certificate, ID card, and free refresher courses. Other benefits include insurance for yourself and your members, legal advice and administrative back-up, posters & leaflet design, advertising and marketing, entry in our club listing, possibility of promotion and travel and continue support.

Our courses are recognised and certified by The British Muay Thai Association and The Chung Do Kwan Taekwondo Society. We are members of The Fitness Industry Association.

 Course content

Welcome and introduction thai-bo class

Break and Discussion

 Warm up & stretching Footwork

 Punching and blocking techniques (single techniques, combinations)

 Kicking techniques (single techniques and combinations)

 Punching and kicking combinations (co-ordination, balance and continuity of movement)

Lunch Break

Pad work & Circuit training Cool down and stretching

 Class Structure

 Assessment Q&A Departure

For an up-to-date list of courses please contact us.