Martial Arts are incredibly popular right now, despite the fact that they have been around for over 4000 years.  Correct martial arts training has untold benefits both physically and mentally.  Generally speaking, martial arts are great for endurance training and all round aerobic conditioning.  As well as increasing co-ordination, flexibility and confidence, martial arts offer a wide range of benefits that will help you cope with the stresses of the workplace and everyday life.

thai-bo is a non-contact martial arts based fitness system that incorporates the awesome techniques of Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and the speed and grace of Taekwondo (the Korean martial art) together with a simple aerobic routine.  Our group (Chung Do Kwan) has been at the forefront of the martial arts since 1982 and over the years we have encountered lots of people who although they enjoy the martial arts training, for one reason or another do not enjoy the physical contact especially as some clubs are very competition oriented nowadays.

thai-bo was born out of the need to make martial arts more accessible to those who wanted to participate in and share the benefits of martial arts training from a fitness point of view without feeling the pressure to spar in class or take part in competition.

Lorenzo Caballero, who is the chief instructor of the Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do Society and Secretary to the British Muay Thai Association, first developed Thai-Bo classes in 1994, holding the first class in Lee, South London.

Almost anyone can participate in thai-bo training and you do not need previous martial arts experience.  Whether you just want to get fit, lose a little weight or just feel safe in today’s increasingly violent society, come and try one of our classes; the training is challenging but fun and produces results.